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2014 CAPPIE Scrabble

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Congratulations to all the winners of the 2014 SPRA Cappies! While contemplating all the amazing work from our region, here’s another brain exercise:

How many words can you make from the word “Cappie”? You have 3 minutes and 33 seconds…GO! (Answers below–don’t cheat!)




Letter Scrabble Words


3 Letter Scrabble Words


2 Letter Scrabble Words


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touchscreenIn a study undertaken with the University College London Business Psychology School, participants were asked to read a reduced edition of Metro on a tablet, with one group asked to navigate using a traditional mouse and a second group asked to use the touch screen to navigate. The results revealed that spontaneous recall of six adverts was on average 28 percent higher among those who’d used the touch screen as opposed to those who had used the mouse. The study found that the advertising was also received more positively when consumed using a touch-screen device.

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Looks like the majority of Americans are hooked on online videos. We’re pretty sure several someones definitely watched 397 cat videos to hit their average.


61% of the American population watched an average of 397 online videos in the month of January, 2014. Of those, 36% (or about 143 per person) were advertisements. This is more than double the number of ads from 2011, when 15% of online videos were ads.

Another key trend points towards higher mobile usage–in 2012, 1 in 12 videos were watched via mobile, while in 2013, that frequency jumped to 1 in 6.

These stats come from Shutterstock and comScore, who partnered to create a video documenting the herculean rise of online video within the digital world. “Show Me Something” tells the story of how our relationship with moving pictures has evolved since they came online.

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Today I turn 50. My gift to you (and myself) is to impart some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned (learned the hard way) so far–in life, in work, and as a business leader.

  1. Taking risks is everything. The more calculated, the better, though.
  2. Work/life balance in a myth. Instead, find a work/life rhythm and forgive yourself.
  3. Strive to have one professional and one personal accomplishment every single day.
  4. Begin every to-do list with “write a to-do list.” If nothing else gets done, you’ll at least be able to cross off that one task!
  5. Timing really is everything.
  6. Block out a 2-hour meeting with yourself single day to get pressing work done. Don’t cancel on yourself!
  7. Early to bed and early to rise is more than a cliché, it’s legit.
  8. Explaining the “why” is almost always more important that explaining the ‘how.”
  9. Be generous with the “what” and the “why” – charge for the “how, when and where.”
  10. Never race to the bottom. You know what you’re worth – don’t under-price. You are the best source to tell people your value.
  11. People give themselves too much credit for being honest – speaking truth while balancing your team members’ well-being is what counts.
  12. Never drink too much at a professional event – you probably should avoid drinking too much at personal events as well.
  13. No matter what your co-workers say, disco music is the best way to start the day. They secretly love it.
  14. People rarely strive to be mediocre – give them the benefit of the doubt and offer ways to help them succeed.
  15. Always look at the process – then the tools – before making an assumption about whether a person is underperforming.
  16. The higher you set the bar, the more your team will try to exceed it.
  17. It’s okay to express disappointment.
  18. Make personnel decisions sooner than later. You’re doing no one any favors by stringing out a bad situation.
  19. Fitting a job to a person instead of finding the right person for a job is almost always the wrong call.
  20. Encourage your team to take emotional (not just professional) responsibility for your clients.
  21. 30 minutes is the maximum amount of time required for any meeting. Seriously. Be prepared, be clear on the outcome, and don’t waste time.
  22. The best strategy for an efficient meeting is not having chairs.
  23. Never make a business decision based on personnel – always do what’s right for the business.
  24. Sometimes, the people that help launch and build a business aren’t the best ones to grow that business long-term. And that’s all right.
  25. Never apologize for your convictions.
  26. Team building occurs every day by doing the work well – not on a ropes course in the wilderness. (Bears are not famous for their team skills—probably, I’m not really an outdoor guy.)
  27. Saying “no” can sometimes be the most powerful “yes.”
  28. If it causes you to pause – pause (and probably just stop).
  29. Pressure is having too many things on the to-do list. Stress is your emotional reaction to having too many things on the to-do list. You have to live with the pressure – carrying the stress is a personal decision.
  30. Give first – giving back is so 80’s.
  31. Inspiration happens every single day all around you – it helps if you leave your desk once and a while to find it, though.
  32. Every problem in business is either a speed-bump or a brick wall. You might have to slow down, or figure out how to get through, over, or around, but you should never stop. (Always stop if it’s an actual brick wall and you’re driving. Lesson. Learned.)
  33. If you believe that you can fail – you probably will.
  34. Always take calls from family – no matter what.
  35. It’s okay to work on vacation – just get up earlier, or stay up later – just don’t make your family wait on you.
  36. Follow your instincts – but be guided by your metrics.
  37. Details matter.
  38. Done is not better than perfect.
  39. It never feels good (or finished) to meet mediocre goals.
  40. Be generous with your time and money.
  41. Notice when someone on your team gets a haircut. (Unless it’s bad, then just pretend it’s all good.)
  42. Open-toed shoes are a privilege, not a right. It’s fine if you want to wear them, but you really owe it to the world to at least get a pedicure first.
  43. Always locate your office within walking distance of a good coffee shop. And, if possible, a world-class chocolatier.
  44. It’s okay to make a mistake. It’s not okay for your boss to hear about it from anyone but you.
  45. Always hire an Executive Assistant that has latent dominatrix tendencies (or not latent, no judgements).
  46. If everyone agrees with me, I haven’t created a safe enough environment for true brilliance to thrive.
  47. Never judge a book by its cover unless you understand what’s inside. But, really, just try not to judge.
  48. Avoid clients who don’t care more about their success than you do.
  49. Money is neither the source nor the solution to a problem. In fact, it’s usually a symptom.
  50. Be bold.

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Today is 3fold’s president & CEO’s birthday. (Happy birthday, Gordon!)

This got me thinking. A great thing about birthdays are that they can be a turning point for looking at all you’ve accomplished, where you have gone and where you plan to go in the future. Here at 3fold we are constantly recognizing our past, present and future, and birthdays are always a perfect opportunity to assess growth and prosperity.

Not only does Gordon’s birthday remind us of how thankful we are for our fearless leader, but it also prompts us to take a step back and look at 3fold’s purpose, what we’ve accomplished as a team and where we want to go.

3fold is spearheading the advancement of our community in ways other agencies could only imagine. With growing numbers and an endless flow of clients on our radar, we have a lot to be proud of. What’s our strategy? Allow me to break it down to 3 points:

  1. Competitive greatness: We are the best at what we do. Period.
  2. Commitment to our community: We live to see our community flourish.
  3. Growth mindset: We are always looking forward.

With a big “thank you” to Mr. Gordon Fowler, we hope readers out there take his lead in encouraging every member of his team to continuoulsy reflect and grow, spurring us on to be the best we can be–as 3folders and as people. And on that note, let’s celebrate Gordon’s birthday!

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Here at 3fold, we’ve built our reputation on our ability to integrate communications strategies to benefit our clients in new and innovative ways. And, we’re often asked, “How do you do it?”

Well get ready Sacramento, because we’re pulling back the curtain in a new monthly series with one of our favorite local publications, Comstock’s Magazine.

Already known for our unique culture and one of the best places to work – we have the proof – it doesn’t come as much of a surprise our first piece of advice centers on employees.

So just how should you integrate employees into the dreaded but oh-so-necessary staff meeting? Improving comprehension and maximizing retention is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


1. Commence: Keep your agenda to 3 priorities

  • By entering your business meeting with 3 priorities, it allows for a more organized approach where you can categorize ideas, issues or news and spearhead plans with a more tactical approach.

2. Condense: Condense each discussion to its simplest form

  • By utilizing 3 points, your already half way there! Discussions are meant to be inspiring, so shortening your content into a simple form of discussion allows your team members to speak up, be creative and discuss areas of interest or opinion.

3. Dispense: Reinforce outcomes by dispensing key takeaways

  • Creating a business meeting centered on one theme can be hard enough. After a creative, positive and prioritized discussion, make sure to reiterate those key points so team members maintain focus. Remember: everyone needs to be on the same page!

Pick up your March issue and tell us what you think! And, keep an eye out for the next issue of Comstock’s Magazine, where we breakdown what makes a brand a “triple threat.”

Sacramento Food & Film Festival
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Our own Emilie Cameron recently contributed to the Downtown Lowdown blog, talking about the Sacramento Food & Film festival, its importance in the community and the spectacular kick-off event . 

Sneak peak: The Sacramento Food & Film Festival is back March 20-30 to nourish your body and mind. Created in 2012 as a way to showcase food-themed documentaries, this year’s festival will feature seven events over ten days centered on food-related documentaries and dramas paired with food, wine and beer with all proceeds benefiting California Food Literacy Center.

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Empty Bowls
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We are so proud to have won a gold Addy this year from the Sacramento Ad Club! Thanks to the amazing work of our 3fold team and Franklin Pictures with the video production, the PSA spot we created for last year’s Empty Bowls event for the River City Food Bank helped sell tickets and raise much-needed money for a great cause. The award is just a bonus (but an appreciated one). Check out the spot below…and get your tickets for this year’s event, taking place March 10 and 11!

Studio Sacramento
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Emilie Cameron, our Sr. Public Relations Manager and chair of Metro EDGE – the young professional program of the Metro Chamber, recently joined fellow YP leaders Dr. Michael Marion and Dean O’Brien for a conversation with Studio Sacramento host Scott Syphax about envisioning what it will take to attract and retain the next generation workforce in Sacramento.

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With Super Bowl XLVIII over and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games opening ceremonies kicking off this evening, it’s time to turn our attention away from the drought plaguing Northern California and focus on some snow and ice… as well as some truly great ads.

As with most advertising professionals, the Super Bowl is always my favorite time of the year to celebrate our craft, and with the Olympics beginning less than a week after the big game this year, it’s sort of an extended holiday of sorts for us ad folk.

While ads for the Super Bowl try to be funny, clever, over-the-top or all of the above, ads for the Olympics typically take on a different approach.  Olympic ads use storytelling – touching on the emotion of the athlete’s journey, the drama of competition and national pride.

Below are 3 ads we believe will be taking home the gold at this year’s games.

P&G “Thank You Mom”

In the continuation of a highly acclaimed campaign that launched during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, P&G thanks all of the moms out there for the sacrifices they make while encouraging their children to keep trying and chase their dreams.

BBC – Sochi 2014 Promo

The BBC’s use of Charles Dance, who plays the frightening patriarch Tywin Lannister in HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” sets the tone for this dark and ominous computer generated promo for the Games.

Guinness – Barnes Twins, Biathletes

While the Guinness ad will not actually air during the Olympics broadcast, the simplicity of the creative execution, the beautifully touching backstory, and the raw emotion it evokes have already made it a viral success.