A Bigger, Bolder 3fold Brand

By @ 07/03/12 in Everything, Our Culture

The number one rule of branding is: innovate or dissipate. From big Fortune 500 corporations to small local nonprofits, the only way to stay relevant is to grow and change with the market.

I’m always fascinated each year by the listing that Wall Street puts together of the 10 top brands that will disappear in the upcoming year.

Thankfully, 3fold Communications did not make their hit list, and we’re nothing but excited for all the new opportunities and challenges being a small California business brings.

In fact, this year, as we enter our 9th year in business, we’ve decided it’s time to officially brand the next phase of our business. It’s new logo time!

Our new brand was designed to more accurately reflect the 3fold of 2012 and beyond. The updated look visually communicates our brand attributes: boldness, creativity, competence, and connected. With clean, angular lines and bright (and branded!) colors, it reflects who 3fold is, showcases our unique name, and represents our original approach to our work.

Beyond that, it reflects our guiding principles and beliefs, and stands as the official calling card for everything that makes us 3fold:

  • A team committed to each other and our clients
  • A team passionately focused on outcomes
  • A team that is dedicated to making an impact
  • A team that is determined and creative
  • A team that is responsive and supportive
  • A team that is trustworthy

Along with the new look, we’ve got a growing and evolving team producing bigger and bolder campaigns. Our roster of new and old team members, an amazing creative team, and several new specialty partners means our clients benefit from ideas and approaches they’ve never seen before.

I love this new branding.  I’ve even suggested that our team all get 3fold tattoos (it’s just that good). Shockingly, I’m not getting much traction on that idea, but I remain hopeful. Keep an eye out for our new site, but, for now, I hope you enjoy our new look.