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I had the opportunity to attend Sacramento Business Journal’s “Partners in Philanthropy” recently, where 3fold was honored because of our philanthropic works in the region. Just one of the 72,973,108 reasons I love working at 3fold is because philanthropy is a huge part in what we do. It’s part of our culture. We have time, talent and treasure to give back to this region…and we don’t see it as an option not to infuse that in the community.

As witnessed at the event, many other companies share our passion for investing in this community. 3fold shared the stage with other regional philanthropists such as the Sacramento Association of Realtors, Gilbert Associates, Sacramento Kings, Farmers & Merchants Bank, and Save Mart Supermarkets. Each honoree displayed their unique way of giving back and paying forward.

Which brought us to the moment at the event where the late Mort Friedman was recognized. Many of us who have lived in Sacramento for(ever) a while, know of Mort being the remarkably talented litigator who represented plaintiffs in the Farrell’s disaster in the early 70’s. Others remember him for being a catalyst to bring Nordstrom to Sacramento, and infusing energy into the Arden Fair Mall project.

But what was most noted about Mort, above all of his professional accomplishments, was his spirit of giving back to this region. “We should all aspire to be like Mort,” was a quote overheard at the event. Whether supporting the Crocker or local symphony, or investing in the critical services provided to children and families at UC Davis MIND Institute – he made it a point to give and invest in his community.

Michael Jordan was an international phenomenon during his playing career. I know this seems non-related, but stick with me for a moment… MJ was dynamic, athletic, charming and wildly talented. When his brand launched the “Be Like Mike” campaign – it did something special to all of us who had a front seat watching Jordan’s career. It gave us a sliver of belief that we could, in fact, be like Mike. It made us believe we could dunk, shoot, make gravity-defying layups and win championships. We all aspired, for a moment, to be like Mike.

While MJ was winning championships and making a cannonball-like splash in the NBA, Sacramento had their own version of Mike who was making sizeable philanthropic splashes for the greater good. So then and now, it behooves us as a region to put on the shelf our love for and aspirations to be like #23. Instead, let’s pinky swear that we will focus on being like someone who was a true partner in philanthropy and was immersed in the goal of making this region a better place. Let’s all try to “Be Like Mort.”


Photo taken from Sacramento Business Journal.

Finishing Touch
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It is almost crazy to think that you can gain inspiration and hope from a clean car. But we, the crazies at 3fold & Franklin Pictures, were so incredibly dazzled and inspired at the sight of our cars being washed by the Finishing Touch crew on Wednesday – it prompted us to want to share it with you.

Here is some back story: Cottage Housing Inc., a homeless shelter in Sacramento that provides care for those without a roof, brought a few of its residents together a couple of year ago to brainstorm. CHI recognizes that just because someone spent time in prison, is dealing with addiction and recovery, and doesn’t own a 2 bedroom/2.5 bathroom home, that doesn’t mean they don’t have skills. This handful of extremely talented residents began talking about what skill(s) they had in common and could bring to the table. They immediately found that they were all “car guys” with a background in and passion for detailing automobiles. With a little business planning and forecasting, and using the determination of Finishing Touch Manager, Cornell Battle – CHI has successfully launched their first business. Finishing Touch is a mobile auto detailing business that will come right to your work (or home) and give your car that “once-over” that it desperately needs. “My car went from being a 2002 to a 2012,” a thrilled Andi Justice said about the detail work Finishing Touch did for her and her ride. “It’s never been so clean. Not even the day I bought it.”

“In addition to the quality business service Finishing Touch provides, there is a story behind that story. These people are accomplishing the impossible. They are turning their lives completely around, and it’s amazing to see that happen,” said 3fold’s Gordon Fowler, who is the owner of a now-squeaky-clean car. Cottage Housing deserves a huge thanks and praise for what they have done – not only for 3fold on our wash day – but for our community. As they strive to get families off the streets and into jobs, they looked within their own organization, found some talent, trusted their business-sense, and launched this endeavor. And now cars all over Sacramento (especially in the 3fold/FranklinPix parking lot) are beaming! Franklin Pictures also hosted an Intern Challenge the day Finishing Touch was at the office. The interns were challenged to produce a video from start to completion about the organization; please take a moment to watch the video:

[vimeo id="44943390" width="620" height="360"]

To book your Finishing Touch appointment, go to To support Cottage Housing, check out

TP Drive
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Recently, I posted on the United Way California Capital Region’s blog about their upcoming Toilet Paper Drive. In the post, I included that nonprofits in our region spend tens-of-thousands of dollars annually on toilet paper – which quite simply: stinks. This simple staple flushes away valuable funding that could be used to expand programs, reach more people and impact more lives.

United Way CCR is collecting donations for their 4th annual Toilet Paper Drive on Thursday, June 14. This event takes place at Cal Expo, but we’re opening our doors here at 3fold as well. If you can’t make it to Cal Expo, feel free to drop off your TP here at our new office (2031 K Street, Suite 100 in Midtown), and we’ll make the trip to Cal Expo at 3pm on Thursday.

There are also other simple ways to get involved! Take a look at the United Way CCR website for more details.


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What started out as a belief that a small group of us would get together on a Sunday afternoon for a good cause, ride around in a limo searching the region for clues and answering riddles…turned in to be exactly that! Plus a wild amount of fun and a 2nd place award. Take that, Sherlock!

Capital City Caper, EMQ Families First’s annual limousine scavenger hunt, was where our 8-person 3fold team found ourselves decked out in Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones Men In Black-inspired costumes. What we quickly realized was that we wound up looking exactly like the corps of limo drivers. Nonetheless, with our black pants/white shirts/ties/sunglasses (and even a briefcase), we stormed the Sacramento region looking for secret destinations and prepared to collect clues. 

The stops along the Caper were as clever as they were maddening! At 58 Degrees, the goal was to perform a wine taste test (can you tell the difference between a chardonnay and a pinot? Turns out we can!), estimate the number of corks in a giant vase, and answer a word problem that brought back elementary school nightmares. When we arrived at REI, our team had to construct a tent in the lowest possible time – can someone say 68 seconds?!?! At the Sacramento Automobile Museum, we had to match vintage cars to clues – and the fact that none of us knew what model car Colombo drove put us at a distinct disadvantage.

The day closed with us arriving back at Memorial Auditorium for a delicious feast, silent auction (CBS 13’s Dave Bender is quite the auctioneer, by the way) and supporting an amazing cause, all in the spirit of making families and children’s lives stronger. That is what EMQFF does…they #helpkids.

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There I was, just sitting down in front of the computer all set to write a professionally-focused blog post on “transformation” when the news broke yesterday that Sacramento is just five city council votes away from perhaps one of the greatest comebacks in professional sports history. Along with transforming Sacramento into the town “it knows it can be” … I feel like I lucked out on the timing!

It is not lost on me or any of us here at 3fold what has happened over the past year regarding the Kings organization. We have become intimately familiar with the saga, beginning with the relocation news that hit us like a bad pass to the side of the head this same time last year.

We watched with anticipation as the mayor reached in and saved the collective life of the Kings’ future in Sacramento — at least for one year.

We watched the community as a whole rally over the summer  –  supporting the Kings in a way we haven’t seen since the dramatic playoff run of 2002.

And we recently rejoiced at the news that Mayor Johnson “sank the free throw” in Orlando securing the ability for a new arena for the team, the city and the region. (To note: he did not do this alone. Our mayor surrounded himself with a team of smart and dedicated professionals with decades of experience, and alongside a group of business leaders, elected officials and grassroots community visionaries – each of whom have a bigger, clearer picture for how Sacramento could be transformed. As a group, they thought big and acted bigger.)

Often when we work with our nonprofit clients to help them transform themselves into something greater, we ask them to think differently. When helping them craft their strategic fundraising plan or board development plan – we ask them to think not “if” something can work – but “when”.

This group of visionaries, spearheaded by the mayor, was done thinking in “ifs.” They took control of Sacramento’s destiny with a goal to turn upside-down the decade-plus history of failed attempts to bring Sacramento a world class facility to see sports, concerts, family entertainment and other unique events like professional rodeos, motocross and wrestling.

As a native Sacramentan, I have had a few decades to track the progress of this city. Some might offer that progress in Sacramento has worked in two speeds: slow and stop. I, for one, am proud of where we have come and more importantly, where we are now.

Now we are just five votes from allowing the city to put shovels in the ground and begin construction on a new, green, job-creating venue and revenue-generating machine. I have never been so excited to see how quickly dirt can be transformed into something so prosperous for our region.

[Images: Kyle Terada/US Presswire; AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli]

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I speak in sports metaphor. It’s what I do. I grew up here in Sacramento, the son of one of the all-time winning high school baseball coaches in the area. How surprised are we that my vernacular was shaped by runs, hits, batting average and stolen bases?

Since starting my career in the nonprofit world, I had to slightly calibrate my frequent use of sports metaphors – as my coworkers were not readily equipped with a sports glossary of terms. “So, Scott…when you say that something is in the ‘wheelhouse,’ what does that mean?” (Sigh).

Since stepping out of the nonprofit world and joining the 3fold team to work alongside nonprofits, I have been able to step up my use of classic sports metaphors. In other words: “Scott, you are now free to rove the outfield.…play utility if you have to.” In the spirit of honoring some of the great sports sayings, frequently uttered by many of the greatest sports figures of all time – I thought I would dedicate this post to highlighting my fab five. No…not the Fab 5 comprised of Jimmy, Jalen, Chris, Juwan and Ray. The five sports cliches/sayings that if wisely applied, can work perfectly in your office setting.

Don’t believe me? Step out of the on-deck circle, into the batter’s box and check out below.

1. “Practice makes perfect.” Years ago, former NBA’er Allen Iverson was offended that he was asked to practice. He thought his prowess on the court was enough to suffice. But it isn’t. Work translation: put in the work prior to the game. Whether prepping for the pitch, rehearsing a presentation or role-playing a conversation…practice, AI, does in fact make perfect.

2. “What a homerun!” See also: it was a slam dunk. You get it. The homerun or the slam dunk. Easy points.

3. “It was a total can of corn.” In baseball terms, this refers to the easiest of catches for a player to make. In the work world, it means it’s not a challenge at all. It’s all yours for the taking!

4. “You just need to find your range.” Typically used in the hoop world when a player is searching for the distance he or she is most effective shooting baskets from. Work translation: find what you are best at doing and stick with it. If you are a good grantwriter – write grants. If you are a good salesperson – sell. If you are a good trainer – train!

5. “She really dealt you some chin music.” Chin music refers to a baseball pitchers use of intimidating tactics, by throwing a baseball near the face of the batter – without hitting the batter with it. Work translation: step off…I’ve got this.

 Back to live action. What is a sports saying you use often that’s translated to your work life?

[Image via adamsfuller on Flickr


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I might still be considered the new hire here at 3fold…right? Less than six months is still a total newbie in some circles and it seemed like yesterday my colleagues were giving me “Advice For the New Guy” on the company whiteboard. Some of their suggestions included: providing me with directions on how to get up to the rooftop pool, that Friday’s were “Bathing Suit Only” days, and that Kim Tucker has a hard shell but a gooey interior.

While stabilizing my feet in the culture and vibe here at 3fold, it became easier for me to recognize a theme emerging from many of our clients. Having spent 100% of my time working for a nonprofit over the past 15 years, I now have the chance to work alongside nonprofits in an entirely different way and see things – and themes – in an entirely new way. The theme that continues to rear its beautiful head over and over…is innovation.

I find myself completely enchanted when I see the nonprofit leaders in our community doing great things, taking incredible chances and undertaking innovative endeavors. More and more nonprofits are recognizing that providing nonprofit services the same old way just isn’t getting it done. Too much competition. Not enough collaboration. Too few dollars. And no ROI. Yes, I just said that!

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it. Nonprofits need to be do-gooders — the world relies on them to do the work that no one else wants to do or can do. Heck…there is a reason you get a tax break for doing nonprofit work – IT’S FREAKING HARD!!! But amidst the difficulties of nonprofit work, there is a business to run, a board that needs to be answered to and innovation that needs to happen at every turn (if you care to read a fascinating debate over the topic, click here for a piece done by the Wall Street Journal).

As we see more and more nonprofits locally and nationwide following the path away from operating like a traditional charity and towards a more business-like model…I feel proud and encouraged. As our clients at 3fold continue to raise the bar and push the envelope, I feel so fortunate to be working alongside them as they innovate to make our community a better place to be.